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Humboldt Writing Desk

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Named for the famed naturalist and namesake of Chicago’s great Westside park, the Humboldt Writing Desk provides ample work space and is fully customizable to adapt to your environment.
This made-to-order desk is available in custom sizes. Send us a note for custom sizes other than those available on this site, and we will make your desk in your size!

The desk shown in most of the photos measures 60" (l) x 24" (w) x 29" (h).
The smaller desk (shown in the last two photos) is 32" (l) x 18" (w) x 30" (h).
Both are shown in gorgeous Red Oak, though we also offer the desk in Cherry or reclaimed Douglas Fir.

Your desk will be between 18" and 24" wide depending on the length you select. A 36" long desk is 18" wide. The 48" desk is 22" wide. Please send us a note with your order if you wish to specify the desk width. Otherwise, we will determine the most appropriate width for your desk.

Most people will find a 28-30" desk height to be the most ergonomic, but taller people may prefer their desks a few inches higher. We have included reasonable height options free of charge.

You will need to attach the desktop to the legs using the six included screws. We drill holes in the wood and steel, so you will only need a Phillips head screwdriver to complete the assembly.

Contact us for free delivery near Chicago! Free shipping to the continental United States is included. Minor assembly required.

Please allow at least 4 weeks for us to create your custom desk and ship your order. Some orders may be available sooner upon request.

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