Custom Live Edge Entryway Table // Listing for Keith

Custom Live Edge Entryway Table // Listing for Keith

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This live edge entryway table has a huge personality! Featuring a single live edge slab of locally upcycled wood, this table is the perfect statement piece for a strong, beautiful entrance to your home. We chose a piece of Sugar Maple for the top. It is shown top side up in photos here.

The base of the table is constructed out of welded steel tubing in a rectangular frame. The frame design is inspired by the Humboldt Writing Desk. The photos of completed products are for reference only. They indicate the look clients can expect for the wood top (entryway tables) and metal frame (desks) respectively. The design will  match the design drawing included here.  

Black rubber stoppers will be included to place under all four legs. These will protect your floor, allow you to level the table to your installation area and keep the table from sliding. This particular piece of wood was cut down in Chicago, but kept out of the trash by an upcycling facility just outside the city. In keeping with our mission to lighten the furniture industry's environmental impact, the wood will be treated with an all natural, petroleum free Tung Oil finish. There will be an opportunity to view photos of the finished wood and adjust for color or tone should the Tung Oil be too light for the client.

47.5" l x 13.5" w x 35" h

Ships fully assembled via FedEx ground or UPS

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Price $900 

Custom Item deposit - $150 (6/22/20 via website)

Remaining balance  $750


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