Entryway styling of Workshop-25 Burnham Bench - Industrial reclaimed wood bench with cowboy boots and houseplants, roughly 4 feet long, medium bench height, brown wood, black and gray steel, sturdy design

Burnham Bench - custom size

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Named for legendary urban planner Daniel Burnham, this sturdy industrial bench makes the perfect place to put your boots on and prepare for your day. It makes an ideal addition to your entryway, bedroom, or home office. We used distinctive and rare 3" thick reclaimed old growth wood to create the bench top, making this a highly unique and beautiful piece. The base features welded square tube steel legs for maximum stability, and a second shelf that can be used to store shoes under the bench. As with all Workshop-25 products, this bench is built to last! At 21.5" high, our bench is easier to get up from than others. It makes the perfect place for guests to sit and remove their shoes.

48" l x 14" w x 21.5" h

This gorgeous wooden beam was reclaimed from a factory that used to operate near the Fullerton and California intersection of Chicago. When the building was torn down, our supplier was fortunate to obtain a few of the extra deep boards.

To highlight the natural patina and "imperfections" that only age and use can provide, we will sand and oil the wood. We use high performance natural botanical Tung Oil - a super premium product- to restore and protect the wood in an environmentally responsible way. Between the reclaimed wood, the locally made steel, and the Earth-friendly treatments, you can be sure that this product is not only easy on the eyes, but easy on the Earth as well.

This custom piece features a sandblasted frame. Sample photos were provided to the client in advance.

Workshop-25 is committed to responsible, sustainable design. We use recycled materials for all aspects of the project, including packaging, whenever possible. You will receive a wood color and look similar to that shown in the photos, but no two pieces are identical.

Ships fully assembled. Total price $808 - $150 deposit = $658